Dr. Jeff Grove Featured in Article About Post-COVID-19 Dentistry

Time to go back to the dentist, and why you never should've stopped in the first place

If you’ve been putting off your regularly scheduled visit to the dentist because of the coronavirus, it might be time to reconsider. Skipping your six-month check-up and cleaning leads to predictably worse results whenever you do finally return. The reality is dentistry was among the most well-prepared industries to cope with an airborne illness like COVID-19.

“We were already dealing with splatters and saliva and blood,” said Dr. Jeffrey Grove, owner and chief clinical officer of Grove Dental Group  in Wyomissing. “We’ve always had to be aware of droplets in the air, patients breathing, coughing, sneezing and those things, and that’s the main way COVID is spread.”

Though it might seem counter to logic and common sense when people are literally working inside your mouth, research indicates the risk of being infected at the dentist is minute…

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