Dynamic Growth CEO Ryan Jones Speaks at ETA@MIT Summit

Ryan Jones, CEO and Co-Founder of Dynamic Growth, was selected as a panelist speaker at the 2021 ETA@MIT Summit  on Saturday, March 13th. ETA@MIT is the hub for search fund activity, research, and resources across MIT Sloan  students & alumni. We were excited to hear that Ryan would help inform and inspire the next generation of searchers, entrepreneurs, and investors. Ryan is a managing partner with Alta Sierra Capital for Dynamic Growth. He provides a breadth of leadership, industry knowledge, and business management experience to our company.

Ryan participated in the session, Thesis Development: Finding The Right Business Profile For You. The panelists covered other topics like, What’s the Right Business Model/Profile for You: Slow Growth & Stable or High Growth, First-Time CEO: Settling in and Creating Value, Operating During Uncertain Times, and much more.

Ryan spoke to his own entrepreneurial journey during the session, what he’s learned, and why he enjoys the dental industry and what he does now.

After meeting Dr. Jeff and co-founding Dynamic Growth, Ryan set out to shape the future of the dental industry by focusing on a patient-focused approach. He continues to use his extensive business and leadership knowledge and experience to lead Dynamic Growth towards its goal of creating exceptional delivery models for dental health and wellness. 

"The main barriers to seeking out dental care are cost and fear. And those two barriers can both be overcome with the right model for patients."

Ryan Jones

CEO & CO-Founder of Dynamic Growth

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