Maybe you’re ready to fully retire. Perhaps you want to grow your practice and reap the benefits of ownership. Or you wish to relinquish the administrative burden but remain in control of clinical care. At Dynamic Growth Dental Support, we offer the solutions you need at every stage of your career. Our practice transition plans are flexible and designed solely around your goals.

Is Partnership Right For You?

Dynamic Growth Dental Support partners with dentists who share our values and commitment to excellence. Supporting the delivery of high-quality, uncompromised care and service is at our core. Additionally, we typically seek the following attributes in potential partners:

  • Practices whose core values and work cultures align with our own
  • Dentists who embrace excellence in clinical care
  • Practices in locations that are well-positioned for long-term growth
  • Dentists who wish to phase into retirement or continue providing some level of post-transition patient care

We respect all of the hard work you’ve put into building your practice, patient base, and team. We understand the pride that comes with your practice name and legacy. Our goal is to make the practice you’ve built as successful as possible — all while remaining part of your local community and maintaining your unique brand identity.

Our Practice Transition Approach

The practice transition process at Dynamic Growth Dental Support is unique and completely customizable. From the initial meeting through the onboarding process, we make the transition as transparent and seamless as possible for dentists, their staff, and their patients.


Our experts will meet with you, tour your practice, and help you find a custom solution that fits your specific needs. No matter where you are in your career, we’ll take the time to help you identify your goals — even if you’re only looking to step away from the burden of office management.


The key to a smooth transition is a well-planned strategy. Our leaders will collaborate closely with you and your team to alleviate administrative headaches early on. We’ll work quickly to increase efficiency while providing stability and support for your practice and staff. Our experts will also help you tackle any challenges you’re facing, from recruitment and payroll to procurement and everything in between.

Practice Growth

As your practice continues to grow, patient satisfaction and maintaining your office culture will remain our primary goal. We’ll help you identify further opportunities for practice growth and development, and implement systems to further realize your success.

Fortunately, the stress that comes with retirement or from taking a step back from your practice can be alleviated by becoming a Dynamic Growth Dental Support practice. You’ll gain the peace of mind you deserve, leading to an optimal work-life balance and financial stability. You can enjoy the freedom to continue practicing dentistry the way you want to and build your legacy with a solid plan in place. Most of all, you’ll have the ability to focus on doing what you love most — improving the smiles and lives of the patients you so proudly serve.

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