Dentists who have transitioned their practices to Dynamic Growth Dental Support find the partnership to be exceedingly advantageous. Most importantly, dentists can trade the burden of administrative duties for the luxury of doing what they enjoy most – focusing on patient care. Simply put, we provide dentists more time to be dentists.

We invite you to meet a few of our partner dentists and learn about their experiences in transitioning their practices to Dynamic Growth Dental Support.

Dr. Theodore Dando | Theodore Dando, D.M.D.

Dr. Theodore Dando has served the residents of Hamburg, PA and the surrounding communities for over 29 years. He is extremely passionate about providing his patients with comprehensive, high-quality dental care. Dr. Dando decided to transition to Dynamic Growth Dental Support in March 2021 to focus more of his time on treating patients while joining an organization that positions his practice for continued growth.

The partnership between Dynamic Growth Dental Support and Dr. Dando builds on a joint commitment to marry the latest dental technologies with the highest level of service. Our team now provides Dr. Dando’s practice the support and systems needed to allow its staff to focus on clinical care for residents of Hamburg and the neighboring communities.

Dr. Nicole Quezada | Complete Family Dentistry

Complete Family Dentistry is another member of the Dynamic Growth Dental Support family. Practice leader Dr. Nicole M. Quezada decided to transition her practice to our dental service organization in February 2020 partly to leverage our company’s investments in technology and training.

The partnership between Dynamic Growth Dental Support and Complete Family Dentistry builds on a commitment to combine innovative dental technologies with individualized patient care. Our support services allow Dr. Quezada and the team to focus on the high-quality clinical care and personal patient

Dr. Peter Ross | Lancaster Pediatric Dental Associates

Dr. Peter Ross built the incredibly successful Lancaster Pediatric Dental Associates during his career as a pediatric dentist in Lancaster County, PA. Dr. Ross transitioned his practice to Dynamic Growth Dental Support in May 2019. Hear Dr. Ross talk about his journey; from deciding to transition his practice to his current active role as lead doctor at LPDA.

Dr. Steven Gibson | LANCO Dental Care

Over 40 years ago, Dr. J. Steven Gibson opened Gibson Dental Care with one mission in mind; to provide quality, patient-centered dentistry to Lancastorians and build relationships with his patients based on trust. When considering his retirement options, he wanted to ensure a smooth transition for his practice, team, and patients, and to forge a bond with a DSO that shared similar core values. He found just such an organization in Dynamic Growth Dental Support.

“I am so pleased to have partnered with Dynamic Growth. Their ethical, patient-focused approach to dentistry aligns with my philosophy, and I look forward to working together to make our great practice even better as we continue to deliver exceptional care to Lancaster and the surrounding communities.”

Dr. Steven Gibson | LANCO Dental Care

Gibson Dental Care became a Dynamic Growth Dental Support practice in September 2019. The move also afforded a transition period before Dr. Gibson’s retirement as he and the new practice leader, Dr. Franklin Reed Mask, were able to work together during the summer of 2020. In September 2020, Dr. Gibson retired, leaving the practice in the capable hands of Dr. Mask.

Dr. Mask and his team continue to carry on Dr. Gibson’s vision, rebranding as LANCO Dental Care in March 2021 to reflect the practice’s commitment to the Lancaster County community. The Dynamic Growth Dental Support team provided support services to the practice throughout the rebrand, which included updating the branding, logo, color scheme, website, and signage. The changes highlight the dedication to the community the practice has proudly served for the last 40+ years. Dr. Mask and his team continue to carry on the legacy that Dr. Gibson built.

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